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This section of the website is a placeholder and contains all details pertaining to tours undertaken by Maharaja Umaid Singh Cricket Club and cricket tours organized by Maharaja Umaid Singh Trust for foreign cricket clubs in India.


The Cricket Tour to England by Maharaja Umaid SIngh Cricket Club was from 29th July to 11th August, 2003. The tour was well organised by the Trust Management. For International exposure to young cricketers the club arranged 7 matches with different clubs in 3 separate counties like Susex, Surrey and Middx. The team members stayed in a hotel with couple of members sharing a room. The worst part of the tour was the weather which played hide and seek for 5 days and after that the heat even got to our head. Though we can digest hot weather but to stay in wooden buildings with no ceiling fan or airconditioner was the biggest problem we faced.

As usually happens the first 5 to 7 days in a foreign country are like paradise, same was the case here but the next coming days were like "Please allow me to go back". So, it was difficult to motivate boys in the last couple of matches.

Secondly, their was lot of travelling around to play matches. The first and the last match had long journies. Though the boys were energetic when we travelled to Bexhill and enjoyed the beautiful areas around Brighton with special mention about Eastbourne.

The boys had some finest moments of life while they were going back from Bexhill-on-sea to London and on their way came the sea side at Brighton-on-sea where the boys witnessed lot of open parties and carnival type atmosphere as usually happens in summer in England. The boys stopped the bus and had party time around the Brighton Pier. They couldn't believe their eyes and scattered all around the area like white ants.
1st match : MUSCC vs Bexhill Cricket Club
The first match was with Bexhill Cricket Club at the Bexhill-on-sea ground which was quite far from London. The team had to trudge long distance as a result got late to reach their. The match started at 3:30 p.m. and was shortened to 25 overs-a-side match.
In the first match itself the M.U.S.C.C. boys received stiff competition from “The Bexhilities”. Though the Indians are masters of shortest version of the game but our team members were exposed to the alien conditions on our first match. Though M.U.S.C.C. lost the match but after putting decent show specially by Lalit Chowdhary and Pankaj Sharma which were ably supported by Vinay Singh in the bowling department.
Brief Score :
Toss : Won by MUSCC and elected to field.
Bexhill C.C. : 162 for 8 in 30 overs.
David : 68
Vinay : 3 for 25
Lalit : 2 for 16
MUSCC : 141 all out in 28.3 overs.
Lalit Chowdhary : 52
Pankaj Sharma : 43
Amhed Khan : 4 for 33
Result : MUSCC lost by 21 runs
Man-of-the-match : Pankaj Sharma (43 runs & 2 for 28).

2nd Match: MUSCC vs Chipstead and Coulspon Cricket Club
The second match of the tour was against Chipstead and Coulspon C.C. at their home ground in the peaceful country side location of Surrey. The entry to the ground even confused the Bus Driver as it had numerous diversion from the highway. But it was nice as it had shade due to high trees on one side of the ground. The match had the presence of our Trust’s Secy. Mr. Naresh Tomar, who enjoyed the whole match. The square was nice with plenty of grass on it. The toss was won by Chipstead and Coulspon C.C. who elected to bat first. Chipstead and Coulpson C.C. had a batting collapse and lost top 5 wickets within no time. But the latter batsman showed maturity and helped the team reach decent total. M.U.S.C.C. bowlers bowled well within their limits. In MUSCC batting, Vinay Singh providing resistance at one end but watched his partners falling like pack of cards at the other end. Dharmender Phagna stayed at the crease and had a valuable partnership with Vinay which saved them from a near crisis. The small total of Chipstead and Coulspon C.C. motivated the middle order batsmen and to maintain personal respect in front of the Trust Secy. was the paramount question. The M.U.S.C.C. tail performed better than expected and rotated the strike well which resulted in the much needed win.
Brief Score :
Toss : Won by C.C.C.C. and elected to bat.
C.C.C.C. : 141 -9 in 35 overs.
G. Stewart : 47
Sanjib : 6-1-12-3
Lalit : 2 for 16
MUSCC : 143-5 in 33.3 overs.
Vinay : 46 (not out)
Sanjib : 40
P. Berry : 7-10-18-2
T. Courtenay-Evans: 4.3-0-16-2

Result : MUSCC won by 5 wkts.
Man-of-the-Match : Vinay Singh (46 not out & 4 for 16).

3rd Match : MUSCC vs Catterham Cricket Club
The third match of the tour was at Catterham (Surrey) against Caterham C.C. Though the venue was far as usual, but this didnot discourage the team members. The match started on time at 2:30 p.m. with Catterham winning the toss and elected to bat on a sunny day. The wicket was flat unlike English pitches.
The Catterham players started well but couldn't maintain their partnerships. The medium pace attack of MUSCC fired from all cylinders with Saurav Virmani striking at regular intervals and got good helped from the other end. Catterham made a respectable and challenging total but could not stop the MUSCC batsman from scoring with Dharmender and Pankaj contributing with half centuries. The rest batsman also made their presence felt by chipping in at the right time as the square was typical Indian replica.
Brief Score :
Toss : Won by C.C.C. and elected to Bat.
C.C.C. : 195 all out in 32.3 overs.
John Arther : 78
Saurabh Virmani : 2 for 42
Vinay Singh : 2 for 23
MUSCC : 197 for 5 in 35 overs.
Dharmender : 65
Pankaj : 58
Result : MUSCC won by 5 wickets.
Man-of-the-Match : Dharmender Phagna (65 runs).

Maharaja Umaid Singh Cricket Club's Second Tour of England was from 6th July to 19th July, 2004. The team composition was very healthy as it had a group of talented players who were promising and disciplined. As half of them were playing first class level and the others were representing junior or college level cricket. There were 3 First Class Cricketers (Ishan Ganda, Chetan Sharma and Vinay Singh) who are playing for Haryana and Parvinder Singh representing Uttar Pradesh. Vineet Jain the spearhead of Haryana Ranji Trophy Team in the late nineties was also part of this tour. There was Lalit Choudhary (Delhi Under -19 Coach Behar Players), Anjeev Lohia (Meerut University Opener), Anuj Sharma (Jind District batsman), Sanjay Rawat (Delhi's prolific scorer), Harpreet Singh (Vijay Yadav Academy all rounder) and in the end not to be forgotten Pankaj Sharma who had represented S.A.I.L. and Sonnet Club in Delhi. Pankaj's Swashbuckling performance for Malviya Cricket Club in Delhi earned him a place in Delhi Ranji Trophy Camp.

There were 3 players from Indian Airlines(Vineet, Ishant & Chetan), one of the top cricket teams in India and 2 players from Vijay Yadav Cricket Academy (Vinay and Harpreet).

Prior to the tour a camp was held at Vijay Yadav Cricket Academy under the watchful eyes of Mr. Vijay Yadav (Test Cricketer) The boys were trained and prepared to play and adapt to the bouncy wickets of England.

The tour started on 6th July 2004 from Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Team departed on Air India - 111 from Delhi to London. The boys arrived at 11.20 a.m. (G.M.T.) and were pushed to the Red Lion Hotel. At noon they went to lunch at the Punjab Karahi. In the evening they went for the indoor practice at the Featherstone High School.


Matches played in England in 2005. With ultimate performance provided by each individual resulted in consolidated team game and helped us earn laurels for our country on the foreign land.


Umaid Singh C.C’s tour to U.K began on a hectic note with the team reaching Heathrow Airport on Jet Airways in the morning & were pushed to Beechwood Hall hotel, Sussex on AA Bus service from the Airport. After relaxing at the hotel for an hour, the boys were taken to Firle Cricket Ground for their first match of the tour.

The team composition was a blend of young & professional cricketer’s with a motive to perform in the best possible manner against any top English side.As there were 6 Ranji Trophy & 3 Delhi (under-22) players in the team of 11 members who toured U.K.

England Tour-2007





Toss: - Won By MUSCC and elected to bat first.


MUSCC: - 209 FOR 7 IN 39 OVERS.

Pritpal: - 32 (59) 6x0 4x5

Rahul: - 74 (68) 6x0 4x14

Sidhanth: - 36 (37) 6x0 4x2

Gaurav: - 2 for 46 in 8 overs.

Anil: - 2 for 32 in 9 overs.


Gareth: - 75 (50) 6x2 4x10.

Mannu: - 110 (56) 6x9 4x9.

Ankit: - 4 for 27 in 3.2 overs.






MUSCC: - 192 FOR 4 IN 20 OVERS.

Rahul: - 60 (42) 6x2 4x6.

Himanshu: - 20 (17) 6x0 4x3.

Manoj: - 59 (30) 6x4 4x6.

V.Singh: - 28 (21) 6x2 4x2.

Copplestone: - 2 for 34 in 5 over.


P Copplestone: - 40 (27) 6x1 4x5.

M.Harmer:- 36 (43) 6x1 4x4.

V.Singh: - 2 for 24 in 5 over.

Result: - MUSCC WIN BY 67 RUNS.




TOSS: - WON BY MUSCC and Elected to Bat first.

MUSCC: - 124 FOR 7 IN 20 OVER.

Manoj: - 36 (23) 6x0 4x5.

Kuldeep: - 37 (38) 6x0 4x4.

Jasquith: - 1 for 19 in 4 over.

Jones: - 2 for 7 in 2 over.


Shepard: - 16 (23) 6x0 4x1.

Kemble: - 10 (6) 6x0 4x2.

Grandhan: - 16 (14) 6x0 4x0.

Manoj: - 2 for 7 in 2 over.

Kuldeep: - 3 for 7 in 4 over.

V.Singh: - 2 for 12 in 4 over.

Divij; - 2 for 14 in 3 over.

Result: - MUSCC WIN BY 56 RUNS.




TOSS: - WON BY CCOUNS WOODS CC and elected to bat first.

CCOUNS CC: - 211 FOR 9 IN 35 OVER.

D Boswell: - 33 (28) 6x0 4x6.

JM Danold: - 50 (40) 6x0 4x8.

M Coleell:- 35 (25) 6x0 4x6.

S Whyte:- 43 (16) 6x2 4x5.

B Bhatti:- 2 for 54 in 7 over.

Sanjay:- 3 for 20 in 3 over.

MUSCC:- 217 FOR 2 IN 27 OVER.

Rahul:- 15 (10) 6x0 4x3.

PP Singh:- 100 (65) 6x1 4x17.

S Singh:- 18 (24) 6x1 4x3.

Kartik:- 68 (32) 6x4 4x8.





TOSS: - WON BY BARCLAYS BANK and elected to bat first.


Lath: - 20 (6) 6x1 4x3.

Naaz:- 29 (18) 6x1 4x3.

Vishal:- 24 (6) 6x1 4x4.

Saaz:- 14 (6) 6x0 4x2.

Sari;- 43 (13) 6x2 4x6.

Imran:- 2 for 16 in 4 over.

V.Singh:- 2 for 20 in 5 over.

MUSCC:- 129 FOR 5 IN 20 OVER.

Pritpal:- 9 (18) 6x0 4x1.

Rahul:- 36 (26) 6x0 4x6.

V.Singh:- 18 (27) 6x1 4x1.

Raj:- 2 for 13 in 3 over.





TOSS:- WON BY OMCC and elected to bat first.

OMCC:- 153 FOR 7 IN 35 OVER.

G Kitchen:- 32 (18) 6x0 4x4.

R Bowers:- 57 (34) 6x1 4x5.

M Swallow:- 19 (8) 6x1 4x0.

A Overrington:- 20 (10) 6x0 4x3.

Om:- 3 for 28 in 5 over.

MUSCC:- 157 FOR 5 IN 28 OVER.

Pritpal:- 71 (70) 6x1 4x11.

Rahul:- 14 (14) 6x0 4x2.

Imran:- 43 (23) 6x2 4x5.

Pullitt:- 3 for 34 in 7 over.





TOSS:- WON BY MUSCC and elected to bat first.

MUSCC:- 257 FOR 2 IN 25 OVER.

Pritpal:- 104 (60) 6x3 4x13.

Rahul:- 101 (68) 6x2 4x11.

Rehan:- 21 (10) 6x1 4x3.

LLCC:- 111 FOR 5 IN 25 OVER.

R Mitchell:- 37 (60) 6x1 4x5.

P Cox:- 12 (16) 6x0 4x2.

G English:- 28 (22) 6x2 4x3.

S Cunninjhim:- 32 (34) 6x1 4x5.

T Briscoll:- 2 for 26 in 5 over.

Kartik:- 2 for 22 in 5 over.

Result:- MUSCC WIN BY 146 RUNS.


Tour Summary- 2008

Maharaja Umaid Singh C.C had a very talented and a young bunch of player during the tour. The composition of the team was a mix of youth and experienced players. It had players from the First-class circuit and from the school level. They mingled well to keep up the momentum of each and every match. There were some wins and some looses during the tour.

The tour started with our old Club gearing well in a Twenty-20 encounter. The toss was won by MUSCC and then started our run feast during the match. The match was won by us comprehensively. There were some nice performances by the lads.

The second match was held at a very picturesque ground of Glaxo Smithkline, Greenford. The opponents were previously beaten by us. So, the competition was supposed to be fierce. As expected after winning the toss we batted but started the innings well but after the opening partnership fell. The innings started felling down. The middle order showed signs of immaturity. In the end apart from some notable contribution there was no one to go further. On the other end the Wilkinson Way C.C started well but lost in the middle and were on the verge of defeat. The tail landers got them home victorious. It was a long match of 50 overs.

This was one of the most highly rated game against one of the long time top Cricket Club of Middlesex. They were humble enough to provide us with this Twenty-20 fixture. Our innings started on a disastrous note and lost wickets on regularly intervals. There were only small chip ins from batsman but no to carry through. The Wycombe House C.C who had some First-class players went on a rampage initially but were stopped by our spinners. Rupinder Singh had a fine showing with the ball but could not save us from defeat.

The forth match of the tour was at Olinda Vandals ground which is on the river bank in south London. The match started well for MUSCC as our batsman went on a high note because we had lost couple of very close games. We posted a decent total in this twenty-20 fixture but could not hold the Olinda Vandals batsman. All most all the batsman made some contribution and took the game away from us. It was a team contribution on their end. This saw another loss for Maharaja Umaid Singh C.C in a row. The youngster had a lot to learn from these outings.

Osterley C.C was another strong club in the Middlesex League and proved their mettle on the ground against us. They build a huge total of 258 runs in 45 overs. They went on to smash all our inexperienced young bowlers and then demonstrated their strength in the bowling department as well. Over all it was a very hectic day for our boys and a discouraging for the youngsters.

The last match was a do or die situation for the boys to show they deserved a better deal. They needed to show back home that they were better than what they got during the tour. We were determined to show our strength and prove the seniors what they had asked. We started well and their were some commendable performances from the youngster who were adapting to the English conditions though in the end of the tour. We batted well to post a competitive score to defend. The against club was reduced to sand in no time. Our pacers did well to end the tour on a winning note.

Thus, a team with 9 school boys and 3 first-class players gave strong fight to all the proven club’s of Middlesex County. The boys were richly benefitted by the match experience and travel in U.K.

ENGLAND TOUR 2008 09/06/08

MUSCC VS Staines & Laleham C.C. at Staines & Laleham C.C Ground.

Toss-: Won by Maharaja Umaid Singh C.C and elected to bat first.

MUSCC- 166 for 5 in 20 overs.

Rahul Panta-121 (61) 6X5 , 4X19

Rahul Bhatia-16 (27) 4X2

Waiver-2 for 21 in 4 overs

C. Clarke- 2 for 37 in 5 overs

Staines & Laleham C.C.- 153 all out in 20 overs.

A Smith-61(44) 6X2, 4X8

Swebber-33(23) 6X2, 4X1

R. Panta- 3 for 21 in 2 overs

Rahul- 2 for 26 in 2overs

Result:- MUSCC won by 13 Runs.


Wilkinson Way C.C. VS MUSCC at Glaxo Smithkline Ground


Toss:- Won by MUSCC and elected to bat First.

MUSCC- 216 all out in 47 overs.

Tejasvi - 25(42) 6X1, 4X3

Rahul Panta - 83(69) 6X10, 4X5

V.Singh - 21(67)

Z Khan-2 for 54 in 9 overs

Ravin-4 for 47 in 10 overs

D Malik-2 for 23 in 7 overs

Wilkinson Way C.C.- 217 for 9 in 49.3 overs.

E Jones- 120(56) 6X6, 4X8

N Jones- 30(18) 4X3

Ripi- 2 for 31 in 10 overs

V.Singh- 3 for 14 in 10 overs

Rahul- 3 for 40 in 10 overs

Result:- Wilkson Way C.C. won by 1 Wkt.

Wycombe House C.C. Vs MUSCC at Wycombe House C.C Ground


Toss:- Won by Wycombe House C.C. and elected to field first.

MUSCC: 131 for 8 in 20 overs.

R Panta- 25(13) 6X1, 4X2

Rupendra - 37(44) 4X4

Cam- 23(24) 4X1

P Lal- 2 for 38 in 4 overs

Sindgo- 2 for 10 in 3 overs

Wycombe House C.C.-: 135 for 5 in 19.3 overs.

Shayad Khalid- 84(57) 6X1, 4X5

Ripi- 2 for 29 in 4 overs

Result:- Wycombe House C.C. won by 5 Wkts.


Olinda Vandals C.C. Vs MUSCC at Olinda Vandals C.C Ground


Toss:- Won by MUSCC and elected to bat first.

MUSCC :- 127 for 2 in 20 overs.

R Panta- 75(72) 6X2, 4X7

Rupinder- 24(19) 4X3

Olinda Vandals C.C:- 133 for 5 in 18 overs.

Result :- Olinda Vandals C.C win by 6 wkts.


Osterley C.C. V/s. MUSCC at Osterley C.C Cricket Ground.

Toss:- Osterley C.C won the toss and elected to bat first.

Osterley C.C.:- 258 for 8 in 45 overs.

R.Schmi - 57(29) 4X8

R.Patel- 50(32) 4X3

K.Abidi- 36(20) 4X4

Kajil- 20(12) 4X3

Suresh- 24(12) 6X1, 4X2

Mohit- 2 for 52 in 10 overs

V.Singh- 2 for 56 in 10 overs

R.P. - 2 for 50 in 10 overs

Ankur- 2 for 66 in 7 overs


MUSCC:- 122 for 9 in 25 overs.

Bhupi- 21(23) 4X3

Rahul- 38(26) 6X1, 4X5

Unaid- 2 for 34 in 9 overs

K.Patel - 2 for 42 in 6 overs

Harry- 3 for 20 in 3 overs

Result :- Osterley C.C win by 134 Runs.


Horizon C.C. V/s. MUSCC at Osterley Cricket Ground


Toss:- MUSCC won the toss and elected to bat first.

MUSCC:- 132 for 2 in 15 overs.

Ankit- 49(35) 6X2, 4X6

Mohit- 24(25) 4X3

V.Singh- 23(12) 4X5

Horizon C.C.:- 63 for 10 in 14 overs.

Anoop- 3 for 17 in 3 overs

Ankit- 3 for 19 in 3 overs

Mohit- 3 for 21 in 4 overs

Result :- MUSCC win by 69 Runs.

Tour Summary- 2009

Maharaja Umaid Singh Cricket Club started their 8th tour of ENGLAND on a very healthy note against Alfriston C.C in the historic city of Alfriston (Sussex). MUSCC won the match comprehensively and enjoyed the sea-side after the match. It was much memorable match for the boys especially who were visiting England for the first time. The relaxed life of the British country-side is unique and exhilarating by all means. The travelling in Sussex was a memory for all as it was full of greenery and picturesque real England.

We again followed the Sussex adventure but in a more happening place called Lewes. It’s a historic town, famous for many battles between British and French forces. The match was started late and was reduced to 30 overs-a-side. It was a thrashing for us as we had one of the worst defeats of MUSCC’s touring history in England. It was a learning experience for the young lads and they needed to review their game plan. The match was visited by Mr. Derric Semmence and Mr. Jaimant (former Rajasthan Coach).

The Sussex voyage was about to end in the old comic-book city of Littlehampton, famous for stories on Gulliver’s. The ground was just stone throw away from the Littlehampton Pier. It was a nicely fought match on a true wicket, with sun shining brightly on the top. The match was followed with a visit to the sea-side and Pier. Some boys went to the Brighton Pier on their way back.

The team was about to start their fierce battle against the Middlesex, London Cricket Clubs. It was the turn of the old rivals and friends from Rajput Samaj C.C. where we have some strong old Rajput traditions. Since the Club is linked to the Royal family of Jodhpur (old Rajput rulers), it is a tradition to have a fixture with them. The match was rain interrupted but went till the end…….

The next fixture was with one of the most famous Indian club’s of London, the Indian Gymkhana. It was a Twenty-20 fixture but as expected was one of the most highly scored match of the tour. It was something the boys need to have but they were saved by the rain God in the end. The match was not completed eventually.

The match against the Nasir C.C was a very enjoyable match set at the nice Roehampton Club ground. It was a full fixture fought with fierce competition from all sides. We always have a very high voltage fixture against them. It would have been a win for us but in the end our bowling didn’t click.

The last fixture was again against one of the old war horse of Middlesex County, Wycombe House C.C. The match started well but we were at the mercy of the rain God. In the end we couldn’t even complete our batting.

Over all, it was a very enjoyable tour for the boys. There were delays due to various unavoidable reasons which ended our dream of watching the Twenty-20 World Cup. There were 3 boys who joined the tour late but made the most of the shopping during sale and the rain affected matches. There were some of the most memorable moments and picturesque travelling during the tour. We visited some of the most unseen places in England. The boys enjoyed every bit of it……..

England - 2009 Tour Match Statistics

!) Vs Alfriston C.C

Toss= won by MUSCC and elected to bat first….

MUSCC- 193 for 3 wkts in 20 overs.

1)V.Singh- 69

2)Karamjit Singh- 56

3)Ajay Poten- 41

4)R. Hunter- 2 for 7 in 1 over

Alfriston C.C- 114 for 9 wktscsza in 20 overs.

1)Hunter- 53

2)Rahul- 4 for 20 in 5 overs

3)V. Singh- 4 for 14 in 4 overs

Result: MUSCC won the match by 79 runs.

2) Vs Lewes Priory C.C

Toss= Won by Lewes Priory C.C and elected to bat first…

Lewes Priory C.C- 206 in 30 overs.

1)A. Ham- 67

2)C. Spruce- 42

3)J. Borrows- 29

4)K. Harkin- 23

5)Neraj- 3 for 35 in 6 overs

6)V.Singh- 2 for 26 in 6 overs

7)Karamjit- 2 for 25 in 6 overs

MUSCC- 68 in 18 overs.

1)V.Singh- 26

2)S. Birch- 3 for 6 in 3 overs

3)J. Cruickshank- 2 for 9 in 1 over

4)R. Khan- 2 for 12 in 4 overs

5)A. Ham- 2 for 21 in 6 overs

Result: Lewes Priory C.C won by 138 runs.

3)Vs Littlehampton C.C

Toss= Won by MUSCC and elected to bat first….

MUSCC-153 for 7 wkts in 35 overs.

1)Rahul Raj- 30

2)Neeraj Chaurasia- 36

3)Aman Goel- 30

4)Karam- 27

5)P. Hewitt- 5 for 57 in 8 overs

6)P. Brotherston- 2 for 46 in 6 overs

Littlehampton C.C- 162 for 6 wkts in 35 overs.

1)B. Smith- 73

2)Aman Goel- 2 for 40 in 9 overs

3)V. Singh- 2 for 9 in 3 overs

Result- MUSCC won by 51 runs.

4)Vs Rajput Samaj C.C

Toss= Won by MUSCC and elected to bat first….

MUSCC- 153 for 7 wkts in 35 overs

1)Praveen Gahlot- 30

2)Prince- 26

3)Karamjit- 24

4)B. Darbar- 2 for 23 in 7 overs

5)Jaideep- 2 for 29 in 4 overs

Rajput Samaj C.C- 154 for 4 wkts in 26.1 overs.

1)R. Singh- 54

2)R. Rathod- 26 n.o

3)Gurwinder- 2 for 3 for 23 in 5 overs

Result- Rajput Samaj C.C won by 4 wkts.

5)Vs Indian Gymkhana C.C

Toss= Won by Indian Gymkhana C.C and elected to bat first….

Indian Gymkhana C.C- 191 for 6 wkts in 20 overs

1)Aditya- 80

2)Asher- 49

3)Vishal- 2 for 10 in 4 overs

4)Onkar- 2 for 34 in 4 overs

MUSCC- 63 for 1 in 9 overs

1)Rahul Raj- 28

Result- Match rained off….

6)Vs Nasir C.C at Roehampton Sports Club

Toss= Won by MUSCC and elected to bat first….

MUSCC- 175 all out in 35 overs

1)Gaurav Malhotra- 24

2)Praveen Gahlot- 23

3)Vishal Arora- 44

4)Rahul Raj- 24

5)Adil- 4 for 22 in 7 overs

6)Masood- 2 for 9 in 4 overs

7)Irfan- 2 for 34 in 7 overs

Nasir C.C- 179 for in 29 overs

1)Adil Shezaad- 39

2)Mohd. Rana- 23

3)Vishal Arora- 2 for 31 in 6 overs

4)Praveen Gahlot- 2 for 26 in 7 overs

Result- Nasir C.C won by 4 wkts.

7)Vs Wycombe House C.C

Toss= Won by MUSCC and elected to bat first….

MUSCC- 75 for 5 in 13 overs


1)Rahul Raj- 23

2)Tindi- 3 for 13 in 4 overs

3)Zeeshan- 2 for 24 in 3 overs

Result: Match was rained off.



1st Match


Toss: E.H.C.C won the toss and elect to bowling first.

D.Force cricket club- 257 runs for the loss of 5 wkts in 35 overs.

1) Rohit 100
2) Amit kumar 61
3) Danish 41


Bowling O M W R
1) Sam Dare 7 0 1 45
2) Kieron Stamp 6 1 1 38
3) Ian Cooke 6 0 2 35
4) Niel Stamp 7 0 1 40

E.H.C.C- 211 all out in 31 overs.

Derek Kider 30
Ian Cooke 41
Matthew Edwards 28
Martin Cooke 49

D.Force cricket club

Bowling O M W R
1) Sanjay71432

2) Danish50229

Result: D Force Cricket Club won the match by 48 runs.

2nd Match

East Huntspill Cricket Club v/s Roshanara Cricket Club

Toss: Roshanara Club won the toss and elect bat first.

Roshanara Club- 156 all out in 35 overs.